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Flower arrangement in Seattle

Everyday Floral Design

This design workshop is a 1 on 1 session which includes information and the basic techniques of creating simple, yet lovely everyday bouquets for your loved ones and dinner tables. From step zero to step ten, this workshop is designed to help you come out with confidence in simple, everyday design.

Girls brunch in Seattle

The "It-Girl" Brunch

Not your average get-together... whether its a bachelorette celebration or a birthday party, the "it girl" brunch includes a group session floral workshop on how to create those stunning Instagram-worthy bouquets (and of course, artisanal coffee and brunch from a local café). 

Bridal bouquet in Seattle

All Things Weddings

The wedding workshops are a 1 on 1 session including a range of targeted skill sets, whether you have many years of experience or none. The student can choose anything from large altar-pieces, hanging arrangements, bridal bouquets, centerpieces, etc. Price varies on chosen arrangement. 

Colorful garden flowers in Oregon

Group Sessions

Group sessions incorporate design skills for any style of arrangement, ranging from the smallest centerpiece to the largest archway. Each individual will have their own material to work with. Prices vary depending on group size and chosen arrangement. 

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